How to do science with sharks

Science on Tap Cincinnati hosted Dr. Nick Whitney, a shark researcher last month for #SharkWeek. He talked about the changes in technology that have allowed researchers to track sharks with much more precision and some of the things he loves most about sharks. Check out the infographic for a summary:


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The brain remembers without staying the same

A new paper published this month in the journal Cell describes an unexpected finding about memory. Researchers used to think that memory required specific activity from the same brain cells over time. This new result shows something different. Check out the infographic to learn more!


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Laura N. Driscoll, Noah L. Pettit, and Matthias Minderer, et al. (2017). Dynamic Reorganization of Neuronal Activity Patterns in Parietal CortexCell.

Immune cells use neurotransmitter to communicate

Researchers have suspected for a few years that neurotransmitters like dopamine play a role in how the immune system functions. But they didn’t know how cells in the immune system would actually used dopamine. A paper published on July 12 of this year shows for the first time that cells in the immune system send dopamine to other cells to trigger them into action. This is just like how neurons use dopamine in the brain! Check out the infographic for a summary of the discovery!



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Epigenetics help the aging brain

This review paper summarizes recent research showing how epigenetics change the brain as we get older.