The perfect partnership: Decentralized genomic data and decentralized AI

In 2017, I started working with a company called Shivom. They are using blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies) to create a platform where anyone can get their DNA sequenced and then maintain ownership of their own data. This is different than current companies who sequence your DNA (like 23andMe) who charge you to sequence your DNA and then keep your data to sell to other companies, pharmaceutical organizations, and research labs. Shivom's idea is that you should own and control your data. And then you can choose what to do with it (donate it for research, learn about yourself and your health, or make money by selling access to it). 

Shivom recently partnered with SingularityNET, which is an artificial intelligence company. I created this infographic to explain the partnership between Shivom and SingularityNET and why it's exciting.